12. May 2014

SwissWeek Approved!

It is with a very great pleasure that we announce to you after months of hard work and countless overtime of preparations that we did manage […]
27. February 2014

More Dairy Products at SwissWeek!

A very warm welcome to Swissmooh, a Swiss dairy company selling natural and healthy premium quality products.  In the Chinese market, Swissmooh sells a selection of […]
17. February 2014

Look for Emmi’s Dairy Products at SwissWeek!

The largest Swiss milk processor and one of the most innovative premium dairies in Europe, Emmi, has decided to register again at the SwissWeek Shanghai for […]
14. February 2014

Naef to join SwissWeek

We are delighted to welcome Naef, a Swiss company producing exclusive baby articles and early childhood development toys using essentially high-quality woods from environmentally-friendly sites in […]