Come and join us to taste a little bit of Switzerland in China.

Chocolate, Cheese, and Watches – Switzerland is that but also MUCH MORE! Visit our “Swiss Village” and discover the variety of Switzerland’s quality products and brands. Try some traditional Swiss food and enjoy the shows of Swiss Artists and Musicians. Have fun at the SwissWeek with your family and we offer many activities for children. It is freely accessible for all the public and we are looking forward to welcoming you!

Jonas Gross, one of the most promising young instrumentalists in the Swiss music scene flew in and used the unique sound of his pan flute to create a very new kind of soundscape for the fascination of the audience.


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SwissWeek wechat offers you the opportunity to review the highlights of last editions, to stay tuned about the upcoming events, also to learn more about Switzerland, its culture, traditions, food, art and all. Scan the QR code and follow us!


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The authentic Swiss products presented at the SwissWeek are now available online on the “SwissMarket” Weidian Shop. You have the access to the high quality products 24/7 just by scanning the QR code below.


Brands on weidian shop

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