12. December 2014

Who is the Executive Organizer of the SwissWeek China?

Our company sim is a Swiss consulting company based in Shanghai. We have been operating in China for 10 years as experts in management support and […]
4. December 2014

Die Schweiz zum Anfassen: SwissWeek in Shanghai (German only)

Bereits seit zwei Jahren organisiert die Firma sim (selective international management) in Shanghai die SwissWeek China, eine einzigartige Plattform für Schweizer Firmen und Produkte, um sich […]
3. June 2014

What is SwissWeek China?

SwissWeek China is a platform for Swiss companies and brands to showcase and sell their products in key locations in China. It is presented to the […]
3. June 2014

Who is Eligible to Participate in the SwissWeek China?

You are a Swiss company, representative of a Swiss brand or distributor of Swiss products in China? Join us for the next Swiss Week! See Participants!